About Us

Halo Bar is stylish and cool with smooth furnishings, and a colorful décor. Contemporary and funky, Halo Bar is a perfect place for fresh cocktails and a bite to eat, with a modern style and sexy edge.

To present honest cuisine where texture, purity of flavour and balance is paramount, to bring warmth and genuine service to an original bar and lounge setting based in Auckland, New Zealand.

A New York loft fun environment, expert mixologists and a lounge area make Halo a great place to have a drink.

Choose from a sharing platter with friends or a simple NOSH plate, selected from the richest flavours and colours every season has to offer. Watch as the finest ingredients and spices are blended before your very eyes to create a drop that’s a dram lover’s dream come true.

As in life, our cocktails also have a pecking order. Crowd pleasers assembled at the front, true connoisseurs to the rear. And no round of inventive cocktails is complete without a sparkling wine palate cleanser or some delicious nosh food. 

Those in a truly heavenly frame of mind are welcome to partake of our selection of honest-to-goodness cocktails married with nosh.

When you are ready, reserve one of the private lounges that occupy a separate area to the main venue.